Ear Deformities

A significant amount of skill and surgical expertise is required to successfully reconstruct an ear that suffers from a congenital or traumatic deformity. The surgeon must possess the artistic ability to recreate a natural looking ear. Many plastic surgeons, in fact, do not perform ear reconstruction because it is such a highly specialized procedure. Dr. Leedy, however, built his practice upon a strong foundation of reconstructive surgery, having developed his surgical technique under the guidance of the nation’s top surgeons. He is proud to be able to offer his reconstructive services, including ear deformity correction, microsurgical breast reconstruction, and gynecomastia, to the Cleveland, Mayfield Heights, and other local communities in order to restore the form to those with congenital deformities or afflicted by cancer or trauma.

One of the most severe types of ear deformity is known as microtia. This is a congenital condition in which the external ear is either absent or significantly malformed. Fortunately, however, children who are born with this condition do not have to go through life looking and feeling different from others. Through the latest advances in reconstructive surgery, Dr. Leedy can replace damaged or missing ears with natural looking ears.

If treated in the first week of life, malformed ears can often be corrected without the need for surgery. Dr. Leedy is experienced in non-surgical techniques for correcting ear deformities in newborn infants. This highly rewarding process can turn misshapen ears into normal appearing ears by using specialized ear molds. If you have or know of a newborn with misshapen ears you should call to learn more about what is possible.

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