Post-Traumatic Facial Reconstruction

Following a serious injury, an accident, or the removal of a cancerous growth, individuals can be left with damage to the skeletal system and soft tissue of their bodies. When such injuries occur on the face, head or neck, they can take an emotional as well as a physical toll if they significantly alter a person’s appearance.

Thanks to modern advancements in plastic surgery, however, people no longer have to suffer these consequences. At the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Leedy provides a wide range of reconstructive surgery procedures designed to restore a natural appearance to patients who have suffered facial trauma. For minor facial wounds, simple revision techniques can be utilized to conceal scarring. For more extensive reconstruction, Dr. Leedy can restore a patient’s appearance through a graduated approach, scheduling the necessary surgeries at staged intervals in order to achieve optimal results.

Through his expertise, Dr. Leedy is able to restore both appearance and function to the injured areas of his patients’ faces while minimizing morbidity. He is proud to be able to help patients in their time of need by enabling them to look and feel their best. If you or someone you love may be able to benefit from facial reconstruction surgery or any of our advanced procedures, including microsurgical breast reconstruction or gynecomastia, please contact us at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute to schedule a consultation with Dr. Leedy.