Vascular and Lymphatic Malformations

Malformations of the blood or lymphatic vessels often manifest themselves as prominent birthmarks or large, cystic growths located underneath the skin. These abnormalities can result in adverse physical and psychological consequences for both children and adults.

Using laser therapy, Dr. Leedy can treat vascular and lymphatic malformations. Through a series of application sessions, these conditions can be prevented from worsening and often eliminated. Laser therapy is safe to use on people of all ages and has enabled numerous patients to lead normal lives by eliminating the social stigma of an unsightly birthmark.

When necessary, Dr. Leedy can perform surgery to remove a vascular or lymphatic deformity. Using his exceptional artistry, Dr. Leedy is able to reconstruct the treated area in a way that enables patients to attain as natural an appearance as possible.

If you or your child suffer from a malformation that you would like to have treated for aesthetic reasons, health concerns, or both, please contact Dr. Leedy to schedule a consultation.