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If forehead lines and crow’s feet make you look older than you feel, you can find an effective and minimally invasive solution with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Leedy. At Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute, located in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, Dr. Leedy offers BotoxⓇ injections to smooth facial wrinkles and lines, erasing years from your face. To learn more and see if the procedure is right for you, call Dr. Leedy’s office today or go online to schedule your appointment.

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What is Botox?

Botox is a cosmetic injectable used to treat lines and wrinkles on your forehead, between your brows, and around your eyes. Derived from botulinum toxin, Botox offers a temporary reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

Botox is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that treats moderate to severe frown lines and crow’s feet. It’s safe and effective and has been used by over a million people in 78 countries around the world.

How does Botox work?

Botox temporarily paralyzes your muscles, stopping the movements that lead to expression lines and wrinkles. In many cases, wrinkles form when your muscles repeatedly move in the same way, folding or scrunching your skin.

These muscle contractions may happen when you laugh, squint, or frown, and, over time, create fine lines and wrinkles. Botox stops these muscle contractions and allows your skin to smooth over the area.

When you visit Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute for a Botox treatment, Dr. Leedy marks the injection spots on your skin. To ensure proper placement, he may ask you to make exaggerated facial expressions.

If you’re concerned about pain, talk to Dr. Leedy before your treatment. He may give you a numbing cream to apply before your appointment. This minimizes any discomfort you may experience.

Dr. Leedy then administers several injections along your treatment area, which takes about 10 minutes. As soon as he completes your injections, you’re free to leave without any restrictions or downtime. Because of this convenience, many people have the procedure completed during their lunch hour.

How long do the results from Botox last?

After your Botox injections, you’ll notice immediate wrinkle reduction. This skin smoothing lasts up to four months, and you may see more benefits after repeated treatments.

With years of experience and hundreds of happy people treated with Botox, Dr. Leedy exceeds many patients’ expectations. His proven technique leaves you with smoother, younger-looking skin without unnatural-looking stiffness or lack of facial expressions.

To learn if Botox can help you reach your anti-aging goals, contact Dr. Leedy’s office today. Call or go online to schedule your initial consultation.

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